Liberal Arts: Thanks Concordia!

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It’s hard to believe that my time at Concordia is almost up. I knew that it would come eventually, and this is cheesy, but the last few years really have flown by. As I sit here typing and reflecting on my college experience, I am reminded that choosing Concordia was one of the best decisions I made for myself. Initially, I never gave a second though about what it means to attend a Liberal Arts college. But, in time, I began to understand. It means that I am free to learn about anything and everything, even when it lies outside of my area of study. It means that I am free and encouraged to bring my own perspective to the table, so to speak.


For this blog, I took the liberty of looking up Concordia’s take on the Liberal Learning, which consists of five goals (Listed Below)

  1. Love of Learning
  2. Foundational skills and transferable intellectual capacities
  3. Understanding and integration of multiple perspectives
  4. Examined cultural, ethical, and spiritual self-understanding
  5. Responsible participation in local, national, global communities


All of these are the reasons for Concordia implementing and maintaining their Core Curriculum. And though I think my institution has helped me learn and grow in these areas, I do gravitate towards goals 1 and 5.


I love that the first goal is to actually instill the love of learning. Since I am not seen as just a number, I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors and take the time to appreciate what they have to teach me. Though I’m guaranteed to graduate on time, I never felt rushed or like Concordia was trying to just put through. As I said, it gave me the time that I needed to grow. Teaching is also the main priority of the professors on campus. Sure, some have their research, but they still remain focused on their classes and their students.


With regards to the fifth goal, this one probably sticks out to me because it resembles BREW. Which by senior year, you get sick of hearing, but deep down you know that it matters. For those who are not familiar with BREW, it stands for Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World. And so, every class that I took, made sure to bring the course material outside of the “Concordia Bubble” and connect it to real world issues. This was done in various ways, such as class discussions, attending special speakers, writing letters to Congress, or in the case of my Capstone, creating an event for the community. I, as a Concordia student was always encouraged to take what I learned in the classroom and share that knowledge elsewhere. That it does no good to keep what I learn to myself.


All in all, I am so grateful for my Liberal Arts education.