Neurochemistry -My Capstone Experience

When I came to Concordia I did not know what to expect. I was told numerous times it was a great school with a concrete educational background and well trained professors. The overwhelming class load came with it challenges, but I got to meet so many amazing people and friends that I will know forever, while getting a proper education and matured as a person. Over the years here at Concordia, every class that I took not only brought me one step closer to graduation but also molded me into a better human. A respectable, understanding, compassionate human being.

Neurochemistry is one of the many classes I have taken here at Concordia. Without a doubt I would recommend this class to any senior.  I truly enjoyed the class with or without its challenges. The material taught and the papers read have had an impact on my life and I firmly believe they will continue to do so. I believe neurochemistry as a class achieved the five goals for liberal learning.

Instill a love for learning: With various topics every week, the learning never stopped.  Learning about various diseases and neurological conditions made me want to learn more about the diseases. I wanted to find a solution for the disease and understand what factors drives the disease. Neurochemistry instill a love for learning in a way that I was wanted to find more and more about the topic we were discussing that week.

Develop foundational skills and transferable intellectual capacities: looking back, the papers were changeling to read but they developed my reading skills. My reading skills are not the best so the challenge of having to read every week helped me understand the scientific language, improved my overall scientific vocabulary and my reading skills. The discussions improved my communication and listening skills.

Develop an understanding of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives and their connections: my understanding of certain diseases improved significantly. I now know that with certain precautions, like eating health and exercising, the body and mind became empowered and strong protecting the organs from inflammation and infections. I have learned to discipline myself when I go out, limit the amount of drinks I drink a week or even cut out drinking for good just because I know more and I understand the effects of certain circumstances. My knowledge about the brain and how neurons communicate to each other and what signaling pathways they take around the brain have all improved.

Cultivate an examined cultural, ethical, physical and spiritual self-understanding: In terms of cultivating physical self-understanding, I have learned to listen to my body. The obesity topic talked about leptin and how it’s the hormone that tells a person when to stop eating. So learning to listen to that and not disrupting it, would guarantee great repercussions for me in the future. I also know that exercise is very crucial in helping prevent some of the neurological conditions. All of which I had no clue about.

Encourage responsible participation in the world: The knowledge I have acquired from this class cannot be kept to myself. I have the responsibility to tell people about the different diseases I have learned about. This class has taught me that so many people suffer from different kinds of diseases and if I know more about the disease then it is my obligation to spread awareness for it. We learn to help others, I have told my friends and family about every condition that I have learned in this class and I will keep telling more people of the causes and how we can prevent some of these diseases.

Neurochemistry has revolutionized my thinking. I am more aware of what happens in most neurological conditions. This class has had a positive change on my life and I hope I embody everything I have learned to become a better self and most importantly help other that are suffering.