Obesity: Is It A Choice Or A Brain Disorder?

Obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States along with other parts of the world.  The concern of people not being able to eat because food cost too much or because it was not excisable to people has changed the way food is made.  The food industry has made foods that are cheap and very easy to get to, insuring that more people would be able to eat.  However, out of these good intentions these foods are extremely unhealthy and worse addicting.  Food companies knew that these foods are unhealthy so to make sure people continued to buy the foods they play around with the chemistry.  They change it to the point that the food becomes drug like and once you have it the buyer wants more so the next times they see the food it triggers those feels of pleasure which makes them want to buy it.  However, this cycle doesn’t end there.

Studies show that overweight parents with a disposition to eating unhealthy food change their brain biological make up.  The number of disorders and diseases that occur from eating food causes heart problems, liver problems and even brain problems.  The really concerning thing is that if unhealthy people have a child, that child is more likely to suffer the same problems.  These problems don’t just come from eating unhealthy foods that are found in the house.  They also come from a genetic predisposition to eat high fat foods passed on by the parents.  Because at a young age, new born babies rapid brain development can be altered even after birth.  One study showed that mice born from health parents that were raised by an unhealthy mouse have a high disposition to unhealthy foods.  Their findings claim that the high fat milk form the replacement mouse genetically changes the babies want for high fat foods.  But knowing this occurs in some people, does the concern arise that people will just use this as an excuse to eat whatever and blame it on a lack of willpower?  Obesity can be a slippery slope because once a person goes down that path it can quickly escalade out of control.