What Does Your Brain Have To Do With Obesity?

Before last week, I rarely thought about obesity. Not because it wasn’t in my life – my Dad and most of my uncles are obese – it had just become so present that I didn’t think anything of it. That all changed when I learned that obesity can be categorized as a brain disease. A…
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Bet’cha Can’t Eat Just One: The Reality Of Food Addiction

We’ve all seen the Lays commercials where they “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One” of their amazing chips. And it’s true. It is really difficult to eat just one chip. We call them addicting, just like chocolate or cookies or your favorite flavor of ice cream. When we say this, we are usually joking. Nobody…
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Insulin’s Role In The CNS

Most people are aware that insulin plays a very important regulatory role within our body. As glucose levels rise within the body, insulin is responsible for breaking the glucose down and turning it into glycogen, thus lowering the levels of glucose within the body and avoiding hyperglycemia. But, insulin also plays many other important roles,…
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Risk Factors For Autism

Autism is a very common condition. This disorder is characterized by abnormal social behavior and communication. Autism is often caused by genetic factors, however, environmental factors also play a significant role. There are a large number of risk factors that increase the chances of a child developing autism. Some of these include: Viral infections during…
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Our Immune Systems And Autism Spectrum Disorder

Often when we think about our immune system we think of it helping us survive and fight off disease, but rarely, unless it affects us directly, do we think of our immune system harming us. When this happens, it is called an autoimmune disease. This is when a person’s immune system has a response against…
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